With over 30 years as a Therapist & Coach, Jamie’s guidance is sought after by a wide range of Corporations and Celebrities.

About Jamie

Born and raised in England, Jamie has been through it all; he survived boarding school, endured disastrous relationships, excelled as an 80’s pop drummer, hobnobbed with Royalty, you name it… he’s witnessed it all.
His own experiences have helped him to empathize and assist others with extraordinary situations.

At 18, he attended Pepperdine University in Malibu and gained his BSc in Sports Medicine, graduating in 1986.

His Zen like approach to personal coaching combined with his British sense of humor and refreshing straight talk, has built a thriving reputation as a licensed psychotherapist, teacher, mentor and leadership trainer helping hundreds of teens, adults, couples, executives and teams change their entire perspectives of work and life.

Through his extensive leadership experience, Jamie developed his flagship “Effective Leadership Training” (ELT) and has successfully delivered workshops to corporations, universities, community groups and rehabilitation programs.

He worked with the Latino Alumni Association (LAA) of USC to provide undergraduate scholarship students with extra-curricular courses such as “The Art of Effective Communication”, “Mastering The Competitive Edge” and “The Leadership Tool Kit.”

Jamie has been positioned as the coach & therapist on The Bachelor and Nanny 911.


Alchemy in Love

A no-nonsense guide for women and men to truly understand each other.
This workshop is a guide to discover why so many of our self-defeating patterns in relationships exist due to unrealistic expectations or merely choosing the wrong partner. And it’s not just age or maturity – it requires a huge commitment of self-care to truly know ourselves by becoming authentic.

There are 3 main talking points within this discussion:

  • The Four Pillars of a Man
  • The Four Layers of a Woman
  • Core Relationship Tools

The Art of Reading People

Imagine having the gift of X-ray vision to see through people’s defense mechanisms so you could really see what makes them tick? With his 30-years of experience as a psychotherapist delving deeply into the shadows of the psyche, Jamie will show you how to connect with the people who matter to you most. This powerful workshop is not a gimmick but more a guided set of skills how to recognize trustworthiness, emotional intelligence and receptivity and to develop the personal leverage to help you effectively create the impact you desire.

Handling Victims and Egomaniacs

If you consider the most challenging personalities you’ve likely had to deal with, they fall into two categories: Victims and Egomaniacs. In this relationship survivor guide, Jamie empowers you with the skills necessary to handle both. Pay attention to his“Do’s and Don’ts” in order to be most effective in your interactions with them, whilst keeping you from becoming totally drained! Listen for the dirty secret of the Egomaniac and discover where you might be on the victim-ego spectrum.

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way!

Leadership does not mean hiding behind credentials or pulling rank! In his experience as a psychotherapist and leadership trainer for the past 30 years, Jamie has developed essential principles to becoming an “effective” leader through deep self-awareness and the art of connecting with those you lead. This seminar is suitable for Business minds and those with an Entrepreneurial spirit who want to lead by example and inspiration.

Mirroring or Projecting?

As we go through life, our behavior is being “mirrored” or reflected back to us by everyone we interact with. It’s crucial to recognize when someone is projecting onto you – notice the intensity coming from them like a high-charged over-reaction. We’re often guilty ourselves of projecting our strong opinions, beliefs and judgments onto others. The trick in life is to catch our own projections. This is a valuable discussion on how to understand the relationship between mirroring versus projecting and the discernment to know the difference!

Control Freaks Of The World Unite!

Being a control freak is grossly under-rated! The degree to which you crave control is equal to how much you don’t trust. But, trust is not a decision we make – it’s a partnership we co-create with someone who demonstrates consistent, dependability. In this seminar Jamie will introduce you to his Trust Formula to help you learn who to trust and how to trust them. An empowering seminar for control freaks – just make sure you’re obsessed with self-control, rather than trying to manipulate or control anyone else!

Online Programs

Alchemy in Love

A Definitive Guide for the Heart

$47.00 USD

What Clients Are Saying

Domenika Lynch

President & CEO, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

Jamie Greene, LMFT is insightful, irreverent, and fun! He knows how to authentically connect with college students, drawing them out of their shell and inspiring them to fulfill their greatest potential. In 2010 when I was the Executive Director of the USC Latino Alumni Association, I hired Jamie to be our in-residence life coach to teach life-skills workshops to 200+ USC students. Over 65% of our Latino students were first in their families to go to college; many were experiencing the normal stress and anxiety associated with college life.

Jamie was thoughtful and uplifting in his coaching. He used humor and wit to drive the point home, always emphasizing the positive. Our students’ consistently gave him outstanding reviews for the nearly four years he worked with us.

I enthusiastically recommend Jamie Greene as a speaker, adjunct faculty, and life coach!

Tullio Siragusa

Local.com Senior Vice President, Sales & Customer Success

I hired Jamie Greene to help me assess areas of concerns that may arise as a result of having acquired 5 companies and preparing to consolidate 66 people in sales and customer success across 5 divisions into one well organized and aligned team.

Jamie was instrumental in leading the discovery and exploration of possible challenges and concerns across our senior leadership team with the goal to facilitate coming together as one team. He systematically worked to breakdown barriers to achieve the intended goal. Jamie’s work enabled me to reorganize in record time and enable us to achieve goal previously unattainable.

I highly recommend Jamie Greene to help senior leadership teams become tighter, bond faster, and gain the tools needed to quickly deal with conflicts and foster trust among each other.

Nev Schulman

Creator & Host of "Catfish"

He doesn’t pull punches, and he’s never let me down. There’s no pressure with Jamie, he’s there when you need him and gone when you don’t. Talking with Jamie isn’t like going to a shrink, it’s like hanging out with an old friend.

Jacey Duprie

Damsel in Dior

I hope that if you are looking to make a change or have found yourself stuck in a rut, whether it be in relationships or with work, that this program can help you as much as it’s helped me.

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