A Glimpse

All it takes is a momentary vision for entire new frontiers to unfold before us. An instant captured, a glimpse.

This is all available. It has been for millennia. But you cannot go it alone. You must be invited, courted, guided.

I found such a guide and in the coming weeks, I will share my journeys with you.

There are days when all we see is what we know. Trapped in one-dimensional thinking, we cannot reach beyond our stretch, nor feel beneath our sensory cave. On these days, I ask for more.

This is what I heard...

A journey is a glimpse into what could be. The "work" is experiencing the reality where we can actually live it.

These are the poignant words of wisdom I recently received in guidance, as I diligently forged ahead through the Amazon of my over-intellectualized mind. How refreshing to know that there is another way to see, another way to think and another way to be. But, we can only get there through image-making.

It's probably why we are all so obsessed with movies that make us cry, scream and leap out of our seats. The images on the screen give us hope and excitement and carry us far from the mundane confines of the cineplex walls.

I want to travel. I want to see vistas with no fees, reservations or placards. No backpack. No duffel or carry-on.

Just a pathway and a clearing and an open ticket to journey. Like the wardrobe in Narnia, I want to step through a portal into a world where the natives aren't restless, the weather is temperate and the vines guide and twist their arms in embrace.

The first lesson brought a simple message that touched a nerve buried inside me... a deep need to belong.

We are all driven by a need for belonging. It's only when we step outside the group that we begin to recognize the well traveled path of a soul searcher.

Remember, this is the purpose of this web site: For me to serve as a personal guide for those of you whose previous pathways have led you to dead ends and dismay.

The journey is the reward. We will walk it together. I welcome your comments and questions.

Pack 'em up, move 'em out...



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