Our Inner Sabateur

Beware your inner Saboteur: he’s that little bugger who will pull your own rug out, just as you take your final step of the victory lap.

It doesn’t make sense, right? The stunning Super Model who has the world in the palm of her hand while she destroys herself with bulimia and a string of abusive boyfriends. The entrepreneur who throws away millions in a reckless wager in Vegas.
How about the recovering alcoholic with 20 years sobriety under his belt who relapses at his 20 year high school reunion?

Leave your thoughts and questions below. I'd be happy to answer them.

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Curse of The Unavailable Man (A Knight To Forget!)

Ever feel like a damsel in distress lying in wait for your knight only for him to be too busy shining his armor? Have I got some tips for all of you choosing unavailable men...

It must be the most consistent trait I see in virtually every woman I have counseled; choosing Sir Lacks-a-lot!

(As you'll soon see, this phenomenon equally applies to many of my gay friends)

It's as if there's some kind of medieval dormant gene in your psyche that summons forth the Barren Knight to awaken. Of course, you don't see this most elusive hidden quality in yourselves, let alone your suitors, but you'll agree that it's a self-defeating pattern that always ends in tears.

Let's understand this nasty ancient curse.

An honest fair maiden eagerly awaits her soul mate to sweep her off her feet and over the threshold, only to discover that her knight is merely passing through, en route to his next joust. So many gauntlets... but few hands that fit. You would have thought that his iron-clad armor was enough...

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A Glimpse

All it takes is a momentary vision for entire new frontiers to unfold before us. An instant captured, a glimpse.

This is all available. It has been for millennia. But you cannot go it alone. You must be invited, courted, guided.

I found such a guide and in the coming weeks, I will share my journeys with you.

There are days when all we see is what we know. Trapped in one-dimensional thinking, we cannot reach beyond our stretch, nor feel beneath our sensory cave. On these days, I ask for more.

This is what I heard...

A journey is a glimpse into what could be. The "work" is experiencing the reality where we can actually live it.

These are the poignant words of wisdom I recently received in guidance, as I diligently forged ahead through the Amazon of my over-intellectualized mind. How refreshing to know that there is another way to see, another way to think and another way to be. But, we can only get there through image-making.

It's probably why we are all so obsessed with movies that...

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The Money Shot

When editing the movie of your life, it's much more costly to 'fix it in post'...
Take the time to go through the tedium of getting the right shot up front
So many of us tend to seek help after the fact. We dispatch emergency teams within moments to put out fires, although it takes months to build fire roads and install sprinkler systems. We marvel that the wedding party seemed to last 5 minutes, yet the planning was the most stressful 6 months imaginable. It took years to build the twin towers and we all watched in horror as they fell to ground zero in seconds.
And so it is with life…
There is an inherent tediousness in acquiring experience, seniority, mastery, graduate degrees, internships and apprenticeships. It takes so much of our time, investment, college funds, student loans, sleepless Red Bull nights, manic episodes and tears of frustration. The failed tests, haunting grades, fluctuating GPA's, dropped classes, psychotic room mates, lecherous professors, unstable...
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Elusive, Moi?


Knock, knock… who's there?

Ever get that feeling that nobody's home?
A room filled with neighbors, but you're all alone.
The couch is a sleeper, yet you're wide awake,
The crust has been crumbled with nothing to bake.
The fridge door is open, the freezer ajar,
Your hunger for comfort so near, yet so far.
The browser is searching and spinning its globe,
So you patiently wait with such promise and hope.
When you land on the home page you're having a hunch,
That the lights are still on but they're all out to lunch.
You search for the words to get over the hump,
Thesaurus and Oxford… totally stumped.
If there's nowhere to turn, a blank mirror ahead,
Do you blame and cajole or own it instead?
The reflection revealed may taunt and provoke,
Can it possibly be that I am the bloke
Who left on the lights and the doors all ajar?
What are you saying...
Elusive, moi?

Creative Commons License
Elusive, Moi? by Jamie Greene is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United...

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Upfront Seminar at USC

be free musings usc Jul 14, 2010

Join me for my upcoming free seminar at USC that I will be presenting for all working professionals:

"How to be free in today's professional climate, rather than a slave to it".

Learn techniques that you can implement immediately;

1. Create effective impact through the Art of Negotiation.
2. Diffuse conflict with challenging personalities.
3. Implement C-P-R technology: Context-Purpose-Results
4. Create the Pathway to Reinvention

Date:           Thursday, August 5, 2010
Time:           6:30pm - 8:30pm
Location:    USC Davidson Conference Center, Vineyard Room

RSVP by July 31 to [email protected] - SPACE IS LIMITED!

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