The Merits of a Successful Divorce

Is there such a thing as a divorce being a success? Well there really is and I don't mean who ends up with more bang for their buck in court or who walks away with less custody arrangement. I'm talking about a mature completion of a relationship.

I've always said that divorce does not screw up kids. Kids are very resourceful, they like two of everything, no problem; two houses, two sets of X-box, not a problem. It's really the maturity or lack of maturity between the parents that can potentially do the damage. So, if you've got two people who are really destructive, angry, resentful, bitter, talking crap about each other to the kids – all of the no-nos, clearly that's not going to be very successful.

See You In Court!

So what does it mean to be a success? I certainly don't mean to make light of this or minimize the impact of it but what it really comes down to is the honoring of that relationship. I've spent many years helping couples go through this process because, let's...

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Take My Wife, Please!

In my work as a relationship coach, I’m often reminded of the absurdity of celebrity and the obsession we have with idealizing their every move.

From TMZ to Dish Nation, we see dodgy tabloid headlines of failed celeb marriages that barely get out of the gate. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion, as we line the streets for the Grand Prix of relationship chaos!

I’ve been a licensed therapist and coach in Los Angeles for over 25 years, so you can imagine the marital carnage I’ve witnessed. In the late 90’s I was referred an A-list actor who struggled with extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I managed to get him back up and running and he gratefully referred me a few of his angst-ridden A-lister friends and before you know it I had a reputation for discretely taking care of the rich and famous.

The irony of all of this is that most celebrities, in my experience, are the worst possible examples to serve as mentors for all matters of relationship!...

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